Aesop IFC Seoul

Aesop IFC Seoul interior

Concrete, aged copper and colour-saturated scalloped curtaining

This space was created in partnership with long-time Aesop collaborators Russell & George. The design was chiefly inspired by traditional Korean housing principles, namely baesanimsu—a philosophy asserting that dwellings should be situated with a mountain at the rear and a river at the front.

Characterised by contrasts in form and material, the interior makes prominent use of concrete and aged copper, set against colour-saturated scalloped curtaining. Concrete is used for the walls, floor and ceiling brutalist concrete, and for the sales counter, demonstration sink and product shelving. The overall effect is modern and minimalist, yet welcoming.

The product display runs the entire length of one wall, representing the mountain behind the ‘house’; a long monolith of concrete finished with aged copper, the counter is an abstraction of a river. These elements anchor the space, their forms and texture punctuated by the vibrant backdrop.

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‘Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.’

Isaac Newton