Nasher Sculpture Prize:

Isa Genzken and the reinvention of sculptural language

It is a pleasure to celebrate alongside the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas as they honor their 2019 Laureate, Isa Genzken.

Nasher Sculpture Prize

Established in 2015, the prize has quickly been established as one of the most ambitious awards for sculpture, honoring a living artist whose work expands our understanding of sculptural form.

Over the course of her long, protean career, Genzken has worked across disciplines—including photography, filmmaking, painting, drawing, and collage—to continually reinvent the language of sculpture. While her style is defined by a radical inventiveness, she looks to popular culture and historical events as a way of exploring contemporary realism. The resulting three-dimensional works are wholly unique forms that capture her preference for chaos over order.

Through April 6, 2019, the Nasher Sculpture Center will commence Genzken’s tenure as Laureate with a series of celebration days and scholarly events in the hope of furthering awareness and discussion around the medium of sculpture.