Dream Dances:

A celebration with Kate Wallich, On the Boards, and The YC.

Photography by Stefano Altamura, used with kind permission.

In December, Aesop will be pleased to be among the audience at On the Boards for Dream Dances—a new collaborative work from Kate Wallich and The YC, featuring richly-layered movement scenes inspired by dreams. Until then, we look forward to delving into a printed publication of the same name, created in collaboration with Uncollected. The book catalogues inspirations and aesthetic, acting as an index of the Dream Dances’ creative process.

Kate Wallich is a choreographer, director, and educator based in Seattle. In 2016, she created Studio Kate Wallich—a non-profit arts organization to support a community of artists and projects in dance, performance, film, and education. The YC is a project-based company comprised of distinguished dance artists which falls under this umbrella.

On the Boards is a performing arts theater located in Seattle, Washington. Guided by equal parts artistic risk, creative provocation, racial and social equity, and community engagement, the company presents a spectrum of theater, comedy, dance, opera, and music from local and international artists of the renowned and emerging.

To celebrate the launch of the Dream Dances, you are invited to join us at Aesop Fremont on Thursday, November 9. Guests will have the chance to mingle with choreographer Kate Wallich and members of The YC.

‘Our dreams drench us in sense, and sense steeps us again in dreams.’

Amos Bronson Alcott