Intimate geometries with DIMORESTUDIO

Introducing a limited-edition accessory, honouring the release of our Aromatique Room Sprays.

It is a pleasure to extend our creative relationship with DIMORESTUDIO, the Milan-based practice with whom we created Aesop Saint-Sulpice.

As a part of design celebrations this September, you are invited to Aesop Saint-Sulpice to discover a limited-edition silk pouch created by the studio to house Istros, Cythera and Olous Aromatique Room Sprays. Featuring a tessellated pattern, the accessory is available at only two Aesop spaces worldwide; priced at 60€, and includes your favoured Room Spray.

To mark the release, DIMORESTUDIO will return to the sixth arrondissement, installing a display of geometric textiles alongside signature pieces from their furniture collection, Progretto Non Finito. The array will include POLTRONA 008, a tactile armchair which complements the vintage opulence of the space.

Founded in 2003 by like-minded designers Emiliano Salci and Britt Morean, DIMORESTUDIO have become known for their distinctively warm and atmospheric interiors, created with a keen eye for detail, a respect for the past, and a playful blend of contemporary and historical elements. Alongside interior architecture and object and furniture design, the studio has recently ventured into textile design.

‘All the beautiful orders of architecture and creations of the pencil; all the conceptions of the beautiful in nature and art and humanity, are inventions extorted, as it were, from the mind to extend and increase the pleasures of sense.’

Elihu Burritt