Creativity in weft
A celebration of art and humanity

  • Monday, 27 August – Wednesday, 26 September
  • Aesop Jackson Square
    445 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA, 94111

It is a pleasure to partner with Creative Growth, an art space in Oakland, California that champions for artists with disabilities. The art center is both studio and exhibition space, while the annual magazine, an effort made possible by the Creative Growth staff, volunteers, and artists, serves as a platform for the community.

In celebration of this fruitful partnership, Creative Growth artist Tony Pedemonte is having a four-week exhibition at Aesop Jackson Square. Unrestricted by the edges of a page, Pedemonte’s works are often a mélange between sculptures and tapestry, employing a weave and weft of his own intuition.

Should you wish to learn more about Creative Growth and their current and upcoming exhibitions, please visit their website.