A month-long presence in Taipei

An Aesop installation at Wistaria Tea House

To coincide with the launch of Hwyl Eau de Parfum, we are delighted to invite your visit to a month-long installation at Wistaria Tea House, a vibrant centre for cultural expression and designated Taipei City Historical Site.

The exhibition introduces Hwyl via a multi-sensory experience involving visual and aromatic elements that chart the inspiration and concept behind the fragrance. Moss-covered wooden columns, reminiscent of a Japanese forest in their earthy perfume, tactility and vibrant colour, bring a sliver of wilderness indoors. A hypnotic video installation offers a hint of the landscape and climate conjured by Hwyl.

Wistaria Tea House has firm roots in the city’s intellectual, artistic and cultural traditions. Its multifaceted history is echoed by an eclectic but cohesive aesthetic, which blends Japanese and Western-style architecture and a diverse array of artworks, furniture and design accents.Today, the edifice holds significance as a site of exchange for critical thought, discussion and ideas, and as an influential factor in the revitalisation of Taiwan’s tea culture.

The installation will be open to the public from 25 September to 27 October.