Honouring domestic pleasures and literary pursuits alike

During the month of January, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Urban Books and its parent brand Urbanlike Magazine for an in-store installation at the Dogok-Dong boutique bookstore. Aesop and Urbanlike have enjoyed a cultural partnership since 2016, when we hosted a series of book club events in our Garosugil and Hannam signature stores. December saw the launch of Urbanlike’s winter edition, which offers glimpses of the homes of 100 artists, creatives and businesspeople. To coincide with this issue, Urban Books presented a curated exhibition of treasured household items from those featured in the publication, including Aesop’s aromatic Room Sprays and Hwyl Eau de Parfum, bringing a sense of domestic calm and conviviality to the space. From March, visitors to Urban Books will be able to purchase Room Sprays and other select items from Aesop’s Home Care Range.