Aesop and The Saturday Paper

A meeting of like minds

Since its inception in 2014, The Saturday Paper has been one of our favoured regular reads for its intelligent, independent content—not to mention the calibre of its contributors.


Given a sincere belief that this is a journal worth sharing, we take delight in purveying The Saturday Paper in select signature stores across Australia. We are also pleased to partner with the publication to present The Horne Prize, an annual essay award honouring outstanding narrative non-fiction, established in 2016.


For Aesop, the consummate Saturday begins with a solid bout of exercise. Post-exertion, seek out your nearest The Saturday Paper vendor—or find it in select Aesop signature stores—and secure a seat in a nearby café. Read your paper cover to cover; you’ve undoubtedly earned this reprieve.


Take your time to savour a coffee or two and a protein-dense breakfast. Follow with a stimulating Saturday, a rewarding week, and repeat.