Un geste littéraire

A literary gesture born of the enjoyment and intellectual nourishment Aesop derives daily through the written word, The Fabulist features fiction and non-fiction works.


In honouring the ancient Greek slave and fabulist whose name our products bear we present fables alongside four other rubrics:

  1. FableAn original prickly parable, pseudoscience fairy-tale, or memoir of a formative moment.
  2. Shelf LifeAn annotated snapshot of a notable bookshelf, intended as a counterpoint to increasingly ubiquitous screen-based text.
  3. EssentialIn which we invite esteemed cultural figures to disclose a deeply held interest or obsession.
  4. Free RadicalInterviews with iconoclasts, free-thinkers, and rebels-with-cause.
  5. On BeautyA forum for wide-ranging thoughts on this consistently provocative topic.
Apichatpong Weerasethakul

"It’s about exploring how a location is connected to the people who live in it, and the things that have occurred there. Place has memory. Geographic locations are witnesses to events that have happened over many years. A place is more like a camera than a camera could ever be. I like to think of cinema in that way."

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