Paris, Texas, 1984, a road film directed by Wim Wenders

Nastassja Kinski’s pink sweater, sweeping terrain and burning skies—cues from Paris, Texas and inspirations for Aesop Knox.

With the opening of Aesop Knox, it is a pleasure to recommend the Criterion Collection edition of Wim Wenders’s acclaimed film Paris, Texas.

Both an affecting character study and an atmospheric meditation upon landscape, Paris, Texas speaks to myths of contemporary American culture—the nuclear family, masculinity and the ‘American Dream’—through the stark terrain of the desert Southwest. Here, upon the winding blacktop, continental scale meets human frailty.

Journeying, but never reaching their destination, the protagonists search for identity as the landscape unfolds. The viewer begins to question if these inner conflicts are aided by this exploration of the vast horizons, or simply mirrored within them. As with many of Wenders’s films, the movement of the road propels the characters forward in space, while contrasting the limitations of their internal mindscapes.

In partnership with the Criterion Collection, it is a pleasure to permanently screen Paris, Texas in our Knox signature store—an enduring ode to the Texan landscape and its influence upon the design for the space. Should you wish to experience it from the comfort of home, the Criterion Collection make this release available in an essential DVD or Blu-ray package, among other cinematic gems.