• November 2018

November 2018 will see the launch of Aesop Gough Street, a two-storey Hong Kong signature store with a dedicated space for Facial Appointments. Designed in partnership with long-time architectural collaborators March Studio, it will be our largest store in Asia.

In prelude, the site played host to a June-long tribute to the neighbourhood’s printing past. With a history that far outweighs its diminutive two blocks, Gough Street was once considered the borderland between the city’s European and Chinese quarters, later housing a bourgeoning printing industry. It may now be a mélange of old Hong Kong and global arts and commerce; however, the scent of ink lingers.

In homage to this painstaking craft, locally sourced letterpress machines were used to print the poem 偶然, or ‘Chance’, by Xu Zhimo, in the original Chinese as well as English—a reference to Hong Kong’s dual languages. Gough Street residents and visitors were invited to explore the new space and observe the printing process in action.

‘Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.’

William Wordsworth