Aesop Luisenstrasse à Hanovre a fermé ses portes. Ce fut un plaisir de faire partie du quartier ces dernières années, de faire la connaissance de notre communauté locale, et - nous l'espérons - d’agrémenter l'utilisation de vos baignoires, éviers de cuisine et armoires de salle de bain.

Nous espérons vous voir dans une autre de nos boutiques à Cologne, Berlin ou Hambourg - mais soyez assurés que notre gamme complète de formulations est également disponible en ligne sur

Aesop Luisenstrasse store interior

A domestic atmosphere flooded with natural light

Our first Hannover store was created in partnership with Munich-based architects einszu33—who have also worked on Aesop spaces in Munich and Berlin. The design for this intimate space was influenced primarily by a milestone of 1920s German design, the Frankfurt Kitchen.

Situated within the elegant Kastens Hotel Luisenhof, the space exudes warmth and comfort through refined domesticity. The broad original timber façade provides ample natural light; existing red floor tiles, left intact, are subtly suggestive of a domestic setting. This effect is heightened by cabinetry featuring reclaimed drawers and detailing reminiscent of an early nineteenth-century kitchen.

Finished with cool, functional aluminium, the demonstration sink and sales counter provide a striking contrast to the tiling, blue shelving and cream-toned walls, yet manage to further convey a sense of intimacy.

‘Few people have the imagination for reality.’

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe