Aesop's Williamsburg Signature Store.

Formulations for skin, hair, home and body

Created with sensory pleasure in mind.

Vitamin C for day and night

Supporting the architecture of the skin

Vitamin C is essential for enhancing the skin’s resilience. Suited to use both morning and evening, this potent ingredient offers significant benefits when paired with time and dedication.


An aromatic signature

Our bold, sophisticated fragrances—from Parfum and Eau de Parfum to Room Sprays—are meticulously crafted using high-quality ingredients.

For hands and body

Daily cleansing

Ensure impeccable hygiene with our range of mild yet efficacious formulations.

Architecture and Design

Spaces of distinction

Aesop stores are informed by the history, fabric and context of their local environments, yet retain an aesthetic consistency.

Aesop Saint-Honore store interior

Aesop Saint-Honoré, Paris

Nurturing formulations

For all ages, genders and skin types

Healthy skin is the product of careful cleansing, nourishing hydration and protection against environmental factors.

‘And your very flesh shall be a great poem’

Walt Whitman