Nurturing care, until winter’s close.

Aesop advocates a seasonal approach to skin care, emphasising the need to change regimens with shifts in climatic conditions. To balance the effects of cooler temperatures and lower humidity, consider a refresh of your daily rituals.

Damascan Rose and Elemental Facial Barrier
Winter dryness

Emollient-rich selections

In winter, the cycle of skin cell turnover slows, leading to dryness. Harsh weather and lower humidity contribute to this effect, and the resulting reduction in oil can visually present as flaking, dull, or patchy skin. To manage, boost emollient-rich hydrators with nourishing treatment oils.

Blue Chamomile and Perfect
Dehydrated skin

Formulations for parched skin

Skin naturally holds water, but exposure to climate-controlled interiors can sap it of moisture. To address this effect, we suggest hydrators rich in humectant ingredients. Lightweight in texture, they are also suited to layering.

‘The frost performs its secret ministry, Unhelped by any wind.’

Samuel Taylor Coleridge