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Aesop Claremont Quarter store interior

Animated design through geometric planes

The design for this distinctive Perth store was created in partnership with Kian Yam, Mavis Yip and Kwanho Li of MLKK studio. The interior evokes a strong sense of character, defined by bold geometric shapes and a fractal sculpture that cascades from the ceiling. Crafted from plywood and assembled using multiple skeleton pieces, its faceted planes express a liveliness, creating an animated, dynamic space.

In complement to the plywood’s warm tones, powder-coated metal covers the surface of the consultation area and point-of-sale. The angular form of the bench echoes the forms of the sculpture, while a full-length mirror cladding the entire left wall amplifies the sense of space.

Aesop Claremont store interior
Aesop Claremont store interior detail

‘A few strong instincts and a few plain rules.’

William Wordsworth