Art, in verdant grandeur.

Special exhibitions at Storm King Art Center

Up in the Hudson Valley sits Storm King Art Center, a 500-acre outdoor museum dedicated to large-scale sculptures and manipulations of landscape. The works are framed by hills, forests, and meadows, nurturing a bond between art, nature, and people.

This spring, Storm King introduces two special exhibitions: Mark Dion’s Follies and Jean Shin’s Outlooks. Dion has long employed an architectural approach that sits at the intersection of art, nature, and culture. The center will feature 13 of his architectural follies—compact, decorative structures intended to inspire meaning, rather than serve a functional purpose.

Jean Shin also looks to nature for material and conceptual inspiration in Outlooks. In response to Storm King’s effort to conserve 24 declining maple trees, Shin created a grand picnic table made of timber salvaged from the declining trees. The interactive work offers a communal place to rest and come together in conversation, observation, and reflection.

Both Follies and Outlooks will continue to be on private display on June 22, as Storm King hosts their annual Summer Solstice Celebration. Amidst the rolling landscape, guests will enjoy signature cocktails and a three-course meal designed by culinary expert and cookbook author, Gail Simmons, and chef Shelley Boris of Fresh Company and Dolly’s. The farm-to-table fare is inspired by the Hudson Valley region, as well as Storm King’s site and exhibitions.

To learn more about Storm King Art Center’s ample offerings, visit their website.

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