Aesop Tiquetonne store interior

A marriage of modesty and intelligent design

Home to many tradesmen in the mid-twentieth century, rue Tiquetonne still features a number of old workshops that have remained unchanged for decades, continuing to service locals’ needs. Aesop Tiquetonne, created in partnership with Ciguë, is entirely in keeping with this aesthetic—reminiscent of a garden shed housing well-worn tools that defy obsolescence.

Aesop Tiquetonne store interior sink
Aesop Tiquetonne store facade

The design makes ingenious use of the most modest materials; shelving is fashioned from rows of large, hand-made wrought-iron nails, on which products are arranged like lovingly ordered implements. Walls feature stone and raw Sycamore Maple, which is also used for a large sink.

A waxed concrete floor and unpolished steel pipes and tapware gesture further to modest industry. The interior represents not only respect for local tradition, but a marriage of intelligent design, straightforward functionality and unadorned beauty.

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