Aesop Hannam

Aesop Hannam store interior

Taking geometric cues from minimalist proponents

Our third Korean signature store is situated in a multi-brand retail space in the vibrant Seoul neighbourhood of Hannam-dong. It was designed in collaboration with local firm Suh Architects, with whom we have also partnered on distinctive counters in Pangyo and Yeouido.

The geometry of the interior takes cues from minimalist proponents; particularly in its preference for clean lines, simple forms and industrial materiality. These influences find expression in grey-toned product shelving and a pair of sculptural volumes crafted from rough-textured brass alloy.

Set directly upon polished concrete flooring, these two pieces deftly balance an otherwise linear arrangement. The first is topped in tactile stone, while the second features inlaid shelving. Here, products lie aslant in ordered rows, alabaster labels oriented skyward and illuminated by warm, diffuse light.

Aesop Hannam store interior
Aesop Hannam store interior

‘Simplicity is an exact medium between too little and too much.’

Sir Joshua Reynolds