Aesop Bonaparte - Closed

Please note that Aesop Bonaparte is now permanently closed.

Aesop Bonaparte store interior

Our Paris Origins

Ten years ago, when we were much younger, we looked outward from our home base in Melbourne to the northern hemisphere so that we might determine where our first international store would be located. Four excited people from our head office took to the road to explore neighbourhoods in Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. When we arrived in Paris, however, it was instantly understood that Rue Bonaparte was destined to be our first international address.
We feel part of the fabric of the neighbourhood; we have made many friends, and even improved our French a little. Today, we call 11 locations home in this most inspired city, and have recently also moved to Lyon, Lille and Toulouse.
We will soon be relocating this particular space to our Saint-Sulpice address around the corner, where we hope you will visit us. We sincerely thank you for your continued support.

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