Aesop Sapporo Stellar Place

Aesop Sapporo Stellar Place entrance

An essay on the duality of Hokkaido’s snow-covered landscapes.

Our first signature store in Sapporo, capital of Hokkaido, was designed in partnership with Japanese architects CASE-REAL. An essay on the duality of Hokkaido’s snow-covered urban and rural landscapes, its design juxtaposes local, natural materials with rough and smooth finishes.

Like the large display unit that anchors the corner tenancy, the walls, point-of-sale, central sink unit and pillar are all constructed from pale grey Sapporo freestone, mined in the city’s South Ward. Some surfaces are buffed smooth, others left rough-cut, offering points of textural contrast throughout the space.

Stainless steel with a vibration finish is used to accent countertops and shelving. The matte silvery gleam of the brushed metal effects a frosty tactility that recalls the shimmer of snow. Flooring in a grey mortar harmonises the overall palette.

‘Once every atom of this ground lived, breathed, and felt like me!’

James Montgomery