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Aesop Knox pink store interior

An ode to the local landscape’s dramatic forms and minerality

Created by our in-house Design Department, our Knox signature store marks our first presence in Dallas. The design for the space draws upon the generous dimensions of the local streetscape and the height of the tenancy, emphasising verticality and mineral contrast; and on Wim Wenders’s film Paris, Texas, which juxtaposes human frailty with the monolithic Texas landscape.

Counter surfaces, furniture and flooring are coated in a rose-hued stone. With subtle tonal shifts, the blush colour of the mineral is reproduced throughout the store in powder-coated shelving and gently scalloped plywood wall panels.

In an enduring ode to the cinematic quality of the local environment, and its influence upon the store’s design, the film Paris, Texas is screened on a loop in the space.

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‘This pure air / Braces the listless nerves, and warms the blood: I feel in freedom here.’

Joanna Baillie