Aesop Fukuoka

Aesop Fukuoka Store interior

Pure symmetry forged from centuries-old inspirations

Our second Fukuoka store was created in partnership with the team from Japanese studio SIMPLICITY under the leadership of Shinichiro Ogata. Embodying a calming purity and asceticism, it subtly accords with the area’s history as the District of Samurai. Complement to a sibling store in Hakata, it also subtly references Fukuoka City’s distinct twin towns.

Aesop Fukuoka store interior detail
Aesop Fukuoka store interior detail

The perfectly symmetrical arrangement of the interior represents the concept of synergy, or two parts of a greater whole, with identical circular shelving arrangements communicating from the black walls.

Light is diffused from a white hemp-covered ceiling, illuminating the texture of dark cement floors. These material contrasts speak of the Samurai’s disciplined absolutes—austerity and tenacity. Central sinks in polished steel are inspired by the blades of the katana, a Samurai’s principal weapon.

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