Aesop Aoyama

Aesop Aoyama store interior

Reconciling tradition and innovation

Situated behind a modest façade on the ground floor of the Asada building in Minami-Aoyama, Aesop Aoyama was our first signature store to open in Tokyo. The story of its design is one of happy coincidence.

When considering how to create a functional yet poetic retail space, we were apprised of the imminent demolition of the Murazawa residence in Nakano-ku and given permission to source materials from it. Possibilities for reusing the timber boards and beams were immediately apparent.

Aesop Aoyama Interior
Aesop Aoyama Interior

We partnered with Jo Nagasaka from Tokyo architecture firm Schemata on a design that exemplifies the Japanese tradition of fusing contemporary and traditional elements. In this simple, practical interior, the burnished warmth of recycled materials works in perfect harmony with the bare bones of a contemporary setting, effecting a sense of comfort and familiarity.

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