The Humourist Seaonal Gift Kit

The Humourist

Invigorating body care to cleanse and hydrate from neck to toe. Housed in a reusable amenity case.

  • About this kit
    A pairing of body care favourites
  • Contents
    Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, Rind Concentrate Body Balm
Top view of The Humourist Seasonal Gift Kit
How to use

Refresh and revive daily with this pairing for skin and senses.

  • Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser 6.8 fl oz 200 mLTo banish grime and leave skin beautifully scented, lather and massage over soaked skin, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Rind Concentrate Body Balm Net wt 4.1 oz 120 mL Soften, cool, and revive dry skin with this citrus-infused balm. Massage generously into freshly cleansed skin, neck to toe.
The Humourist
For seasonal giving

A smile-inducing gift

One of five kits in the seasonal ‘Of Muse and Myth’ collection, The Humourist pays reverence to the playful Muse of comedy, Thalia. She makes for an ideal body care gift for the cheerful figures in your life—those who lift spirits and bring smiles to lips by the sheer force of their sunny dispositions.

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