Eine literarische Geste

A literary gesture born of the enjoyment and intellectual nourishment Aesop derives daily through the written word, The Fabulist features fiction and non-fiction works.


In honouring the ancient Greek slave and fabulist whose name our products bear we present fables alongside four other rubrics:

  1. FableAn original prickly parable, pseudoscience fairy-tale, or memoir of a formative moment.
  2. Shelf LifeAn annotated snapshot of a notable bookshelf, intended as a counterpoint to increasingly ubiquitous screen-based text.
  3. EssentialIn which we invite esteemed cultural figures to disclose a deeply held interest or obsession.
  4. Free RadicalInterviews with iconoclasts, free-thinkers, and rebels-with-cause.
  5. On BeautyA forum for wide-ranging thoughts on this consistently provocative topic.

Clayton was born in 1977 in Cornwall, England, and studied documentary filmmaking at Central Saint Martins in London. She spent a few years in Berlin and then, in 2009, moved to Pittsburgh, where she still lives and works. Clayton seems at home in multiple media: ink on paper, photography, video, fabric. Her pieces are humanistic, poetic, and often tongue-in-cheek funny.

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