Aesop Condorcet store interior

Influences of two decades in exquisite tension

Created by our in-house Design Department, Aesop Condorcet is located on a street named for the Marquis de Condorcet, a progressive eighteenth-century intellectual whose writings on issues of sociopolitical reform remain startlingly relevant.

Aesop Condorcet store interior detail
Aesop Condorcet exterior facade

The space was last refurbished in the 1970s; the simple tiled floor and brown stone façade of this time were key influences in its reimagining. Pierre Chareau’s Maison de Verre was another reference. Materiality is uncomplicated and unembellished: raw metal is used for display shelves; timber surfaces are finished with a walnut stain and matte-waxed; and the sales counter and e-commerce unit are covered in Travertine.

Contrasting accents include a large metal sink and metal cabinets powder-coated in pink, an Aulenti Quadrifoglio table lamp and a Pierre Paulin chair, which introduce warm tones and subtle curvilinear elements from the 1970s to effect an exquisite aesthetic tension.

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