Aesop Chestnut Street

Aesop Chestnut Street store interior

An interior bathed in natural light

Our Chestnut Street signature space San Francisco’s Marina District was created in collaboration with NADAAA. The design draws from a context at once conventional and particular. Long and narrow, the store fronts an active retail sidewalk with a bifurcated storefront, allowing direct interior views as well as diaphanous light from above.

Walnut plywood panels line the double-height interior, creating a horizontal stratum for shelving as well as an upper datum that defines an intimate area for browsing and interaction. Two large existing skylights are reopened to allow natural light to fill the deep space.

An existing concrete slab, found under layers of built-up flooring, is reutilised to link back to the store’s origins as a warehouse. The basin and sales counter sit as objects along one side of the interior, creating a tactile and visual middle ground.

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