A cultural feast to savour until the end of March

Organised by the National Visual Arts Gallery of Malaysia and hosted at venues across Kuala Lumpur, the KL Biennale 2017 showcases a vast array of international contemporary art until 31 March 2018. It features works by an impressive line-up of artists from Southeast Asia, China, South Korea, Japan and India; the programme also includes panel discussions on contemporary art and several outreach, philanthropic and community-based projects.

The theme for this first edition is ‘be loved’, or alami belas— encompassing love for nature, love of heritage, love for humanity, love for animals and love for legendary icons. We are pleased to partner with this major new event, and encourage all with an abiding interest in contemporary art to make the most of the feast it offers.

As well as savouring the exhibition programme, we look forward to attending the Asia Curator Forum – Field Trip Project, scheduled on 10 February between 14:00 and 16:30. Gathering noted curators, artists and an environmental activist in conversation, this session of the Biennale will focus on issues around artists’ responses to environmental disaster.

You will also find us at Symposium Azam Belas, scheduled from 9:00 to 17:00 on 24 February, when artists Jerome Manjat, Chris Chong, Shaharuddin Supar, Mohammad Radzi Ismail, Sue Ulik, Christine Das, Mahenbala, Saiful Razman and Leon Long will speak in turn throughout the day about their work in the context of the five types of love embodied in the Biennale’s overarching theme.