Aesop Vila Madalena store interior

An earthy palette and traditional textures

Our second São Paulo signature store was created in collaboration with local designers Fernando and Humberto Campana. Situated in the neighbourhood of Vila Madalena, it marries traditional characteristics of Paulista architecture with gestures inherent to Aesop philosophy; the result is a space that exceeds its commercial function, and offers a meeting place for the local community.

Aesop Villa Madalena store exterior
Aesop Villa Madalena exterior detail

The front of the store features a gate crafted from aluminium and accented with Brazilian Cobogó brick—a material typically employed for ventilation and shade. By day, the gate transitions into a roof for a modest public square situated between façade and sidewalk. Timber benches and a pergola with climbing plants offer clients and passers-by alike a space for repose.

The interior is informed by a natural, earthy palette; walls, ceiling, flooring, countertops and product displays are also composed of Cobogó brick, emphasising the versatility of the traditional Paulista design. Used to form a natural background, Sisal fibre complements the striking graphic effect of the bricks’ pattern.

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