Aesop Tysons Corner

Aesop Tysons Corner store interior feturing products on shelves.

An homage to mountains and minerals

Our inaugural signature store in Virginia, situated within the Tysons Corner retail complex, was designed in homage to the Appalachian Mountains. Created by our in-house Design Department, the space assumes a material palette of granite, lent nuance by different finishes: vertical surfaces with a rough texture, and horizontal surfaces with a smoother honed granite.

The mountains’ influence is also expressed through the monolithic forms of the space. The exterior façade’s large granite elements effect both a sense of intrigue for passers-by and an impression of seclusion for customers upon entry. Muted lighting complements the interior’s minerality to evince a soothing, understated interior.

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‘Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.’

Booker T. Washington