Aesop Nolita store interior

A permanent iteration of our very first American space

This pint-sized Nolita space, our first standalone store in New York, was created in partnership with local architect Jeremy Barbour of Tacklebox Architecture—who has also designed Aesop spaces on the Upper West Side, and in Greenwich Village, San Francisco, and Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

Reclaimed copies of the New York Times were chosen as the primary building material, subtly underscoring our respect for the written word. Over 400,000 strips of newspaper were cut, stacked and bound to form ‘bricks’, the paper softening and yellowing subtly over time.

Dove-grey concrete flooring and a generous antique sink lend cool tones, while honeyed Oak beams form the product shelving and countertop. We express our love of cinema by screening Criterion films on the walls.

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