Aesop Kitsilano

Aesop Kitsilano store interior

Our second Vancouver signature store, in Kitsilano, is the result of a fresh collaboration with Montreal-based architecture firm _naturehumaine. Originally opened in late 2015 as a temporary store, this new evolution is a physical expression of our fondness for the neighborhood. It marks our second presence in the city, and a growing constellation of signature stores across Canada.
Emerging from the specifics of site and setting, the design for the 140-square metre interior capitalises on a symmetrical façade, speaking to the proximity of mountains and coast in the Vancouver Bay area. This duality is expressed primarily through the materiality of floor-to-ceiling cladding; the left-hand side of the store is dressed in panels of matte mineral-grey plaster, while its mirror is rendered in a more lustrous finish, evoking the reflective quality of water.
A pair of oversized counters add volume to the space, housing point-of-sale functions and product demonstration sink. Green marble furnishes the first and pink marble tops the second, providing contrast to an otherwise muted palette. The shopfront is painted in a similarly soft pink, nodding to the vernacular of local Craftsman-style residences and their pastel exteriors.
Split on its axis, Aesop Kitsilano explores the architectural possibilities of symmetry, instilling a sense of balance by anchoring design to local geography.

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