Aesop Geneva store interior

A sleek swathe of copper

Designed in partnership with Rodney Eggleston from Melbourne’s March Studios, our first Geneva signature store was created with several of the city’s most prominent attributes firmly in mind—the gigantic Hadron Collider, the United Nations’ European headquarters and an historic finance sector.

Aesop Geneva store interior shelving and sink
Aesop Geneva store interior counter

Copper was chosen as the primary material for the interior, representing the vital role that the metal has played as a form of currency throughout the ages; its importance to Geneva’s great wealth; and to reference fantasies of a clandestine alpine bunker.

A large angled copper sink—inspired by the 1970s lustre of a Citroen CX—folds itself into the consultation counter and demonstration area. The project is finished with Alfredo Häberli’s DS-480 lounge chair, upholstered in tan leather. These elements are accented by discreet textural details of cork, sisal and timber.

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