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Sensorial Sustenance for the self, home and others: a regularly updated selection of sights, sounds and ideas.

A plant unfurling


AttendThe Paris Review’s Lit Fête—today's most exciting authors, all under one (virtual) roof.

Close your eyes and listen to a poem a day from the Poetry Foundation—some old, some new, all worth the while.

Discover an abandoned Chinese fishing village—and other hidden wonders on Atlas Obscura.

Pick an underrated gem in the Top-10 lists of dozens of cineastes—or a classic you’ve been putting off for too long.

Work out to an international beat—with a swingin’ playlist straddling the globe from Indonesia to Iran.



Improve your next social media post—with sometimes contradictory advice from literary greats.

Listen to the Radiooooo with a fellow music lover—songs sorted by decade and marked either ‘slow’, ‘fast’, or ‘weird’.

Peruse the digital edition of Esopus magazine with a friend—and glimpse the future of art.

Share a quarter century’s best books—literary picks from our first 25 years.

Take a child to the Natural History Museum and watch his or her eyes widen—all of it virtually.

Drawing of guitars


Fill your home with the sounds of Questing with Zakia—spiritual jazz, psychedelic soul, and then some.

Learn how to sweep the floors with Tom Sachs—and adopt his codes to get your surroundings into shape.

Revisit the lasting legacy of Charlotte Perriand—designer, modernist, and a muse of ours.

Serenade yourself with this calming selection—music for working, and living, at home.

Use Ilse Crawford’s sensorial design practices to enhance your everyday home experience.

‘In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.’

Henri Frédéric Amiel