Seasonal metamorphosis

A delectable transformation, from ingredient to dish.

Natural ingredients undergo profound change through their lifecycle. From infancy they are cultivated by surrounding elements, and ripened across a spectrum of textures, colours, and nutrient densities. This evolution is examined further within a series of dinners, hosted by Aesop Richmond with plant-based studio and restaurant, Plates. To reserve your place at our communal tables, select a desired evening and RSVP with your details.


Thursday, 31 May at 7pm


Thursday, 12 July at 7pm


Thursday, 27 September at 7pm


Thursday, 8 November at 7pm

The Richmond Dinners

An annual gathering to inspire and delight

It is a pleasure to open doors once again, to friends, neighbours, seasoned visitors, and newcomers alike for a hosted dining experience at Aesop Richmond. Each year, we share a meal with those in our neighbourhood as a source of collective nourishment, brimming with meaningful discussion and warm interaction.

‘To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.’

Henri Louis Bergson