Aesop Pfeilstraße

Aesop Pfeilstrasse store interior

Raw linen effects a warm, calming atmosphere

Our flagship store in Cologne was created in partnership with architects and designers from Weiss-heiten. Situated on the corner of Pfeilstraße, the five-storey building it occupies is one of many reconstructed in the 1950s, and a landmark representation of the prevailing post-war architecture.

The ground and first floors house retail areas; the second and third provide office space, meeting areas, and a bathroom and kitchen. The top floor is a dedicated area for thinking, reflection and meditation. As a whole, the structure is a humorous, fitting interpretation of the street’s name—its floor plan and roof mimicking the shape of an arrow head.

Referencing the city’s artistic heritage, the ground-floor retail area resembles the back of an artist’s canvas. Raw linen covers the walls and furniture, effecting a warm, calming atmosphere. Shelving, flooring and furniture are crafted from German Oak, a metaphor for the frame of the canvas; while an original steel staircase with emerald-green marble stairs spirals upwards to the second retail space.

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