Aesop ifc Mall

Aesop IFC Mall interior

Designed in collaboration with Kian Yam, Mavis Yip and Kwanho Li, Aesop ifc celebrates materials that are derived from and react to the natural environment, while offering a place of calm respite.


Locally harvested cork from a Cork Oak Tree growth around Xian Province functions as the primary material, chosen for its sustainability, earthly texture and acoustic insulation. Pliable in nature, the material wraps up the cabinet and around the counter, forming fluid lines that promote easy movement through the space.


Natural pigment lime paint coats the ceiling to effect textural contrast. Made with clay, minerals and colour pigment, the mix undergoes a natural process as it reacts to the atmosphere, and mellows gradually while it wears away. Three custom-designed pendant lights hand over the counter, softly illuminating Aesop’s amber bottles and the dynamic combination of cork and textured paint.

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