Aesop Frederiksberg store interior

A haven of domesticity and subdued poetics

The interior of our first Danish signature store represents the evolution of a long-term partnership with Ilse Crawford of Studio Ilse. Here, the renowned designer favoured materials that evoke the elegant simplicity of Nordic design, and a subdued palette inspired by the work of Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi. The sum of these parts is a haven of welcoming domesticity.

Aesop Frederiksberg store interior detail
Aesop Frederiksberg store interior detail

Pale greens and greys subtly encourage a reflective pace. Use of brass and timber recalls polished treasures of home decoration: a sculptural brass sink gleams like a beacon of warmth near the entry, while a Walnut sales counter with brass accents guides exploration.

Several original architectural features of the space have been retained, including concrete floors reimagined with a lime wash. Stairs constructed from locally sourced Bornholm stone help to integrate store and street.

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