Perception gift kit in microfibre case


Assessing ways in which to initiate social harmony, with products coordinated for top-to-toe care.

  • In this kit
    Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, Redemption Body Scrub, and Redemption Body Balm (a limited release).
  • Suggested recipient
    For those with whom you seek a deeper relationship.
In this kit

Thoroughly satisfying Body Care

The Enigmatic Mind

Is it love or a shaky bridge?

This was a question at the heart of the Capilano Suspension Bridge experiment (1974). To test whether attraction could be misattributed to a similar sensation, a female assistant interviewed two groups of males: one group on a low, stable bridge, the other on an anxiety-inducing suspension bridge. With hearts racing, the men on the suspension bridge were significantly more likely to express romantic feelings towards the assistant. So, when considering potential suitors, do so with feet firmly on the ground.