Paris Review Issue 223

The Paris Review No. 223, Winter 2017

A stimulating read with two interviews dedicated to the art of biography, Rana Dasgupta’s verbal sketches from a not-too-distant future, and Nick Laird’s reinvention of a tragic Roman poet in verse.

  • Feel
    Engrossed, sated
  • Aroma
    Ink, paper
  • Key ingredients
    Brenda Shaughnessy, Karl Ove Knausgaard, J. Jezewska Stevens
The Paris Review No. 223, Winter 2017
A meeting of like minds

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  • How to useRead attentively from cover to cover; repeat as desired. For best results, pair with a responsible intake of wine.
  • DosageConsume as desired, at least once.
  • Image credit: A page from Duncan Hannah’s notebooks