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Aesop West End

Aesop West End

Like its NW23rd Avenue sibling, our West End signature store in Portland was created in collaboration with John Randolph.


Set between the Willamette River and a sylvan belt on its eastern edge, the space references both Portland’s natural surrounds and the history of Burnside Street as a crucial thoroughfare, particularly in the 19th century – for lumber heading to port, and for lumbermen heading to and from the town’s rowdy saloons. By the late 1840s, this was the busiest of the area’s ‘skid roads’ – named for the greased wooden planks with which they were paved in order  to ease transport of logs from forest floor to ship’s hold.


This legacy inspired extensive use of locally sourced timber in the store’s design; it is – and shall proudly remain – ‘on the skids.’ The interior is clad entirely in Douglas Fir that has been charred using the traditional Japanese technique of ‘Shou-sugi-ban’, which not only confers a conspicuous silver-black patina but also fortifies against age, pests and elements. The product display wall references both the natural axis of Burnside and the sawtooth pitch of the logger’s steel saw blade. 

Aesop West End
1300 West Burnside Street
Portland 97209
+503 227 2597

Every day, 11am–7pm

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