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Aesop Fillmore Street

Aesop Fillmore Street

San Francisco's first Aesop signature store is at 2450 Fillmore Street. This is a neighbourhood shaped by consecutive influxes of Eastern European, Japanese and African-American residents, and the heydays of jazz, folk and rock.


The design is a collaboration with Boston architectural firm NADAAA, with whom we have since created Hong Kong's Aesop ifc and Los Angeles' Aesop Abbot Kinney. The predominant element of our Fillmore space is a shelving tapestry of reclaimed wooden boxes. Subdivided and pixelated by the varying dimensions of the boxes, the arrangement invites visual and tactile exploration; it is balanced by a cork wall and ceiling and dark masonite flooring.


To aid urban exploration, we offer our San Francisco A-Z City Guide; append our Fillmore Pocket Guide to discover Aesop's best-loved neighbours.

Aesop Fillmore Street
2450 Fillmore Street
San Francisco CA 94115
+1 415 775 1837

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